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The ESHNR 2021 booklet with its informative character aims at capturing the internationality of the ESHNR community, raising the awareness for issues outside one’s own daily routine, highlighting the importance for interdisciplinary cooperation and surprising the attendees with both useful and thought-provoking topics. The Booklet will be published and freely distributed online during the ESHNR 2021 congress.
In addition to the booklet, submitters have been invited to record the article in a short video, which will then be available on ESHNR 2021 – channel2.

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Welcome notes

  • Bert De Foer – Greetings from the ESHNR president
  • Christian Herold – Message from the Head of the Department of Biomedical Imaging
  • Riste Saat & Martin Reim – Greetings from the local organizers of ESHNR 2022

Country & society news

  • Andrew Brai – The Nigerian Way: Head & Neck Radiology
  • Regina Lucia Elia Gomes – Brazilian Protocol for Training in Radiology and Diagnosis by Imaging
  • Robert Hermans – The Leuven Courses on Head and Neck Imaging
  • Francesco Lombardo – Sign of the rising sun – view of a Sicilian resident
  • Shinji Naganawa – The Japanese approach
  • Nikoleta Traikova – Bulgarian perspective
  • Ricardo Wenger – The Chilean perspective
  • Andy Whyte – Upper airway – down under
  • Steve Connor – ESHNR Mentoring
  • Berit Verbist – 1st Masterclass in Head and Neck radiology upcoming

Practical advice 1: Radiology

  • Alexandra Borges – ESHNR Fellowships: A Personal Experience
  • Jonas Casteljins – Grant application
  • Birgit Ertl-Wagner – How to publish a high-impact study
  • Steve Connor – MDMs…making them work for the head and neck radiologist
  • Laura Oleaga – ESR educational activities
  • Bela Purohit – Circle of teaching-learning: Teaching a teacher
  • Salman Qureshi – ESHNR webinar
  • Soraya Robinson – Head and neck radiology only for the tertiary centre?
  • Phil Touska & Matt Bull – Social Media and the Head & Neck Radiologist
  • Roxane Dumont – Guide to statistical resources for medical practice

Practical advice 2: Personal

  • Lily Belfi – Physician Resilience: A Path to Improved Work-Life Balance
  • Heidi Eggesbo – How to keep fit
  • Maria Mauhart – Nobody leaves the congress tense
  • Julie Olliff – Preparing for retirement – will the retirement you get be the retirement you want?
  • Peter Riedl – Why to be mindful and meditate

Basics & fancy

  • Markus Brunner – Salivary gland surgery
  • Julia Frühwald-Pallamar – PET-CT in head and neck
  • Ann King – Amide CEST in head and neck cancer
  • Pravin Mundada – Injectable facial fillers: Time to unveil ‘headneck cosmetic radiology’ as a subspecialty?
  • Hannes Platzgummer – Ultrasound of the Brachial Plexus
  • Daniela Prayer & Mariana Dogo – An unscientific approach to fetal MRI
  • Mark Schäfer – Kretz, Kratochwil, and Zipf
  • Ines Kansy & Tamara Wachholbinger – Logopedic Therapy in Patients with H&N Cancer


  • Stephan Karl & Mara Hubert – CT and Antique Pottery
  • Wolfgang Neubauer & Alexander Bornik – 3D Imaging in Archaeology
  • Frank Pameijer – Music and Science: CT of String instruments
  • Nadia Pfammatter – Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging of Head and Neck – what is your diagnosis?
  • Soraya Robinson – Nick Veasey’s x-ray photography
  • Andreas Weidenhiller – Round timber grading – from the human eye to a high-speed industrial CT
  • Gerlig Widmann & Wolfgang Recheis – Death of the Iceman – the head & neck story
  • Bernhard Szankowsky, translation Soraya Robinson – A radiologist describes Salzburg landscape
  • Soraya Robinson – Head and neck crossword puzzle
  • Stefan Baudis – 3D-Printing – bone replacement implants
  • Angela Tichy, translation Soraya Robinson – CT unmasks air-business: Big boxes and half empty packages inside
  • Gerhard Withalm – On Sinuses in the Cave Bear Group
  • Anthony Mancuso – Unacceptable Rates of Diagnostic Error in Neuro/ENT Imaging: Causes and Solutions
  • Natascha Halasz – Psycho-oncological Aspects
  • Thorsten Füreder – Immunotherapy of head and neck tumours
  • Anna Pelz
  • Neslihan Kizar – A glimpse of daily routine

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