Thursday, September 2
08:00-09:35   Refresher Course 1: The eye and the ear
    Moderator: Laura Oleaga, Barcelona/ES
  08:00 Pathology of the external and middle ear
    Elizabeth Loney, Halifax/UK
  08:15 Pathology of the inner ear
    Bert De Foer, Antwerp/BE
  08:30 Imaging in strabismology
    Seyhan Bahar Özkan, Aydin/TR
  08:45 Q&A (LIVE)
  08:55 Imaging findings in ocular pathology
  09:10 Extraocular causes of diplopia
  09:25 Q&A (LIVE)
09:35-09:45   Break
09:45-09:55   Opening Session
    Christian Czerny, Vienna/AT; Bert De Foer, Antwerp/BE; Soraya Robinson, Vienna/AT
09:55-10:00   Break
10:00-12:40   Highlight Session: Diffusion, perfusion, PET and more …
    Moderator: Kunwar Bhatia, London/UK
  10:00 PET-CT: Pitfalls in the head and neck and how to avoid them
    Bela Purohit, Singapore/SG
  10:20 MR-PET: Challenges and outcome in Head-Neck-Imaging? 
    Minerva Becker, Geneva/CH
  10:40 What you never dared to ask about diffusion
    Julia Frühwald-Pallamar, St. Pölten/AT
  11:00 Q&A (LIVE)
  11:15 Texture analysis: The not so new tool
    Russel Frood, Leeds/UK
  11:35 DCE/DWI and IVIM in therapy monitoring
    Ann Dorothy King, Hong Kong/CN
  12:00 Whole-body staging in Head-Neck-Cancer patients
  12:20 Q&A (LIVE)
12:40-13:40   Break
13:40-15:45   Temporal bone and skull
    Moderator: TBC
  13:40 Temporal bone fractures
    Frédérique Dubrulle, Lille/FR
  13:55 MRI in congenital deafness
  14:10 7T of the inner ear (LIVE)
    Berit Verbist, Leiden/NL
  14:25 Q&A (LIVE)
  14:40 Anatomic skull base variants and developmental disorders
    Burçe Özgen Mocan, Chicago/US
  14:55 Petrous apex lesions
    Davide Farina, Brescia/IT
  15:10 Endoscopic skull base surgery
  15:25 Q&A (LIVE)
15:45-15:50   Break
15:50-16:45   Scientific Session 1
    Moderator: Simon Morley, London/UK
Friday, September 3
08:00-09:35   Refresher Course 2: Runny nose
    Moderator: Manfred Tillich, Graz/AT
  08:00 Basics and relevant paranasal sinus variants
    Heidi Eggesboe, Oslo/NO
  08:25 Chronic sinusitis and postoperative findings
    Sabrina Kösling, Halle/DE
  08:50 Paranasal sinus tumours
  09:15 Q&A (LIVE)
09:35-09:45   Break
09:45-11:20   Treatment response or recurrent tumour?
    Moderator: Christian Habermann, Hamburg/DE
  09:45 Pseudolesions mimicking disease
    Can Zafer Karaman, Aydin/TR
  10:00 Denervation pathology
    Marco Ravanelli, Brescia/IT
  10:15 Immunotherapy: Current and future applications and implications in the assessment of tumour response
    Alexandra Borges, Lisbon/PT
  10:30 Normal and abnormal findings after reconstructive flaps in the neck
  11:00 Q&A (LIVE)
11:20-11:25   Break
11:25-12:10   Scientific Session 2
    Moderator: Steve Connor, London/UK
12:10-13:10   Break
13:10-14:40   ESNR-ESHNR Joint Session
    Moderators: Bert de Foer, Antwerp/BE; TBC
  13:10 Imaging facial pain
    Teresa Santos Nunes, Almada/PT
  13:35 Imaging vascular cerebral malformations (LIVE)
    Bernhard Schuknecht, Zurich/CH
  14:00 Imaging morphologic cerebral malformations
    Felice D’Arco, London/UK
  14:20 Q&A (LIVE)
14:40-14:55   Break
14:55-16:40   Malformations
    Moderator: TBC
  14:55 Congenital facial malformations (LIVE)
    Frank Pameijer, Utrecht/NL
  15:20 Congenital lesions of the neck
    Gerlig Widmann, Innsbruck/AT
  15:40 Arteriovenous malformations
    Martin Mack, Munich/DE
  16:00 Challenging reconstructive surgery
  16:20 Q&A (LIVE)
Saturday, September 4
08:00-09:30 Refresher Course 3: Mouth watering session and beyond
  Moderator: Riste Saat, Tallinn/EE
 08:00Oral cavity and oropharynx: All you need to know
  Piotr Golofit, Koszalin/PL
 08:20Pterygopalatine fossa: Important junction
  Pravin Mundada, Singapore/SG
 08:35Salivary glands: The essentials
  Maartje de Win, Amsterdam/NL
 08:50Update on salivary gland surgery
  Markus Brunner, Vienna/AT
 09:10Q&A (LIVE)
09:30-09:35 Break
09:35-10:40 Highlight Session: Fetal face & brain
  Moderator: Salman Qureshi, Sale/UK
 09:35The face predicts the brain (DeMyer 1964) – Still valid in the era of fetal MRI?
  Daniela Prayer, Vienna/AT
 09:50Isolated? Palatal cleft in the fetus – Where to look at on fetal MRI
  Gregor Kasprian, Vienna/AT
 10:05Fetal profile on MR-scans: A diagnostic marker of various syndromes
 10:20Q&A (LIVE)
10:40-10:50 Break
10:50-12:50 Nerves and more
  Moderator: Gitta Madani, London/UK
 10:50Pathologies caused by the cervical sympathetic nerve
 11:05Diffusion tensor tractography of cranial nerves
 11:15Do you recognize skull base ligamentous mineralisation? 
  Philip Touska, London/UK
 11:25Q&A (LIVE)
 11:40Be the first to detect perineural spread! 
  Jan Willem Dankbaar, Utrecht/NL
 11:55Uncommon pathology of cranial nerves I-VI
  Jan Casselman, Brugge/BE
 12:15Uncommon pathology of cranial nerves VII-XII
  Vincent Chong, Singapore/SG
 12:30Q&A (LIVE)
12:50-13:30 Break
13:30-15:35 Cases, cases!
  Moderator: Timothy Beale, London/UK
 13:30(Nearly) 30 cases in 40 minutes (INTERACTIVE & LIVE)
 14:15Missed cases and how I solved it
  Roberto Maroldi, Brescia/IT
 15:00My trickiest cases and how I solved it
15:35-15:45 Break
15:45-16:30 Scientific Session 3
  Moderator: TBC
16:30-16:40 Closing Ceremony
  Christian Czerny, Vienna/AT; Bert De Foer, Antwerp/BE; Soraya Robinson, Vienna/AT