Programme (Channel1)

All timings refer to CEST – Central European Summer Time. Please pay attention if you live in another time zone!

The programme on channel1 will be broadcasted live. In addition to the programme on channel1, ESHNR 2021 offers a special booklet as well as channel2. Several autors have submitted articles, covering various topics, which will be combined in the ESHNR 2021 booklet. The same will be available online from September onwards. In addition, some authors have also submitted a video covering the topic of their article. These videos/lectures will be made available on channel2 – available for all registrants during and after the congress (24/7). CLICK HERE to view the booklet index & channel2 information.

Thursday, September 2
08:00-10:05   Refresher Course 1: The eye and the ear
    Moderator: Laura Oleaga, Barcelona/ES
  08:00 Pathology of the external and middle ear
    Elizabeth Loney, Halifax/UK
  08:20 Pathology of the inner ear
    Bert De Foer, Antwerp/BE
  08:40 Imaging in strabismology
    Seyhan Bahar Özkan, Aydin/TR
  09:00 Q&A (LIVE)
  09:10 Imaging findings in ocular pathology
    Norbert Hosten, Greifswald/DE
  09:30 Extraocular causes of diplopia
    Marc Lemmerling, Gent/BE
  09:50 Q&A (LIVE)
10:05-10:10   Break
10:10-10:20   Opening Session
    Christian Czerny, Vienna/AT; Bert De Foer, Antwerp/BE; Soraya Robinson, Vienna/AT
10:20-10:25   Break
10:25-12:40   Highlight Session: Diffusion, perfusion, PET and more …
    Moderator: Kunwar Bhatia, London/UK
  10:25 PET-CT: Pitfalls in the head and neck and how to avoid them
    Bela Purohit, Singapore/SG
  10:45 MR-PET: Challenges and outcome in Head-Neck-Imaging? (LIVE)
    Minerva Becker, Geneva/CH
  11:05 What you never dared to ask about diffusion
    Julia Frühwald-Pallamar, St. Pölten/AT
  11:25 Q&A (LIVE)
  11:40 Texture analysis: The not so new tool
    Russel Frood, Leeds/UK
  12:00 DCE/DWI and IVIM in therapy monitoring
    Ann Dorothy King, Hong Kong/CN
  12:25 Q&A (LIVE)
12:40-13:40   Break
13:40-15:45   Temporal bone and skull
    Moderator: Berit Verbist, Leiden/NL
  13:40 Temporal bone fractures
    Frédérique Dubrulle, Lille/FR
  13:55 MRI in congenital deafness
    Aina Venkatasamy, Strasbourg/FR
  14:10 7T of the inner ear (LIVE)
    Berit Verbist, Leiden/NL
  14:25 Q&A (LIVE)
  14:40 Anatomic skull base variants and developmental disorders
    Burçe Özgen Mocan, Chicago/US
  14:55 Petrous apex lesions
    Davide Farina, Brescia/IT
  15:10 Endoscopic skull base surgery
    Michael Mokry, Graz/AT
  15:25 Q&A (LIVE)
15:45-15:50   Break
15:50-16:45   Scientific Session 1 “Imaging of hearing loss”
    Moderator: Simon Morley, London/UK
  15:50 The concordance between the audiometry and ossicular findings in CT scan among the patients with chronic otitis media: A brief report
    Mohammad Ali Kazemi, Tehran/IR
  15:59 Comparison of vestibular hydrops grade and degree of hearing loss in PTA of patients with Ménière’s disease
    Mohammad Ali Kazemi, Tehran/IR
  16:08 The relationship between Koos Classification and ADC-Signal Intensity Values of Vestibular Schwannoma
    Umut Percem Orhan Soylemez, Istanbul/TR
  16:17 Measuring 3D cochlear duct length on MRI: Is it accurate and reliable?
    Mehmet Bilgin Eser, Istanbul/TR
  16:26 Radiological follow-up after the bony obliteration tympanoplasty in detecting residual cholesteatoma: Towards an optimal postoperative MR imaging protocol
  16:35 Fully Automated 3D Vestibular Schwannoma Segmentation: A multicentre multi-vendor study
    Olaf M. Neve, Leiden/NL
Friday, September 3
08:00-09:35   Refresher Course 2: Runny nose
    Moderator: Manfred Tillich, Graz/AT
  08:00 Basics and relevant paranasal sinus variants
    Heidi Eggesboe, Oslo/NO
  08:25 Chronic sinusitis and postoperative findings
    Sabrina Kösling, Halle/DE
  08:50 Paranasal sinus tumours
    Nikoleta Traykova, Plovdiv/BG
  09:15 Q&A (LIVE)
09:35-09:45   Break
09:45-11:20   Treatment response or recurrent tumour?
    Moderator: Christian Habermann, Hamburg/DE
  09:45 Pseudolesions mimicking disease
    Can Zafer Karaman, Aydin/TR
  10:00 Denervation pathology
    Marco Ravanelli, Brescia/IT
  10:15 Immunotherapy: Current and future applications and implications in the assessment of tumour response
    Alexandra Borges, Lisbon/PT
  10:30 Normal and abnormal findings after reconstructive flaps in the neck
    Agnieszka Trojanowska, Piotr Trojanowski; Lublin/PL
  11:00 Q&A (LIVE)
11:20-11:25   Break
11:25-12:10   Scientific Session 2 “Imaging of infection and malignancy”
    Moderator: Steve Connor, London/UK
  11:25 The role of conventional, diffusion-weighted and dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging in the evaluation of parotid tumors and its value in predicting histopathological type
    Nick Janssen, Antwerp/BE
  11:32 MRI findings in acute tonsillar infections
    Jaakko Heikkinen, Turku/FI
  11:39 PET/MR vs. PET/CT for locoregional staging of oropharyngeal squamous cell cancer
    Secil Telli Erdogan, Umea/SE
  11:46 Predicting Extranodal Extension in Metastatic Cervical Lymph Nodes of Head Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma by Imaging Charecteristics
  11:53 MRI findings in pediatric neck infections – A comparison with adult patients
    Janne Nurminen, Turku/FI
  12:00 Diagnostic value of DW-MRI and 18F-FDG PET/CT in detection of residual or recurrent tumors after radiotherapy for laryngeal and hypopharyngeal carcinoma
    Soung Yung Kim, Ulm/DE
12:10-13:10   Break
13:10-14:40   ESNR-ESHNR Joint Session
    Moderators: Bert de Foer, Antwerp/BE; Bernhard Schuknecht, Zurich/CH
  13:10 Imaging facial pain
    Teresa Santos Nunes, Almada/PT
  13:35 Imaging vascular cerebral malformations (LIVE)
    Bernhard Schuknecht, Zurich/CH
  14:00 Imaging morphologic cerebral malformations
    Felice D’Arco, London/UK
  14:20 Q&A (LIVE)
14:40-14:55   Break
14:55-16:40   Malformations
    Moderator: Michael Lell, Nürnberg/DE
  14:55 Congenital facial malformations (LIVE)
    Frank Pameijer, Utrecht/NL
  15:20 Congenital lesions of the neck
    Gerlig Widmann, Innsbruck/AT
  15:40 Arteriovenous malformations
    Martin Mack, Munich/DE
  16:00 Challenging reconstructive surgery
    Emeka Nkenke, Vienna/AT
  16:20 Q&A (LIVE)
Saturday, September 4
08:00-09:30   Refresher Course 3: Mouth watering session and beyond
    Moderator: Riste Saat, Tallinn/EE
  08:00 Oral cavity and oropharynx: All you need to know
    Piotr Golofit, Koszalin/PL
  08:20 Pterygopalatine fossa: Important junction
    Pravin Mundada, Singapore/SG
  08:35 Salivary glands: The essentials
    Maartje de Win, Amsterdam/NL
  08:50 Update on salivary gland surgery
    Markus Brunner, Vienna/AT
  09:10 Q&A (LIVE)
09:30-09:35   Break
09:35-10:40   Highlight Session: Fetal face & brain
    Moderator: Salman Qureshi, Sale/UK
  09:35 The face predicts the brain (DeMyer 1964) – Still valid in the era of fetal MRI?
    Daniela Prayer, Vienna/AT
  09:50 Isolated? Palatal cleft in the fetus – Where to look at on fetal MRI
    Gregor Kasprian, Vienna/AT
  10:05 Fetal profile on MR-scans: A diagnostic marker of various syndromes
    Mariana Cardoso-Diogo, Lisbon/PT
  10:20 Q&A (LIVE)
10:40-10:50   Break
10:50-12:50   Nerves and more
    Moderator: Gitta Madani, London/UK
  10:50 Diffusion tensor tractography of cranial nerves
    Arnaud Attye, Grenoble/FR
  11:05 Do you recognize skull base ligamentous mineralisation? 
    Philip Touska, London/UK
  11:20 Q&A (LIVE)
  11:35 Be the first to detect perineural spread! 
    Jan Willem Dankbaar, Utrecht/NL
  11:55 Uncommon pathology of cranial nerves I-VI
    Jan Casselman, Brugge/BE
  12:15 Uncommon pathology of cranial nerves VII-XII
    Vincent Chong, Singapore/SG
  12:30 Q&A (LIVE)
12:50-13:30   Break
13:30-15:35   Cases, cases!
    Moderator: Timothy Beale, London/UK
  13:30 (Nearly) 30 cases in 40 minutes (INTERACTIVE & LIVE)
    Stefan Nemec, Vienna/AT
  14:15 Missed cases and how I solved it (LIVE)
    Roberto Maroldi, Brescia/IT
  15:00 My trickiest cases and how I solved it
    Diana-Raluca Balea, Cluj-Napoca/RO
  15:03 My trickiest cases and how I solved it
    Catarina Baraças, Pedrouços – Maia/PT
  15:06 My trickiest cases and how I solved it
    Darka Hadnadjev Simonji, Novi Sad/RS
  15:09 My trickiest cases and how I solved it
    Jose Manuel Felices Farias, El Palmar, Murcia/ES
  15:12 My trickiest cases and how I solved it
    Vincent Lenoir, Geneva/CH
  15:15 My trickiest cases and how I solved it
    Edith Vassallo, Msida/MT
15:35-15:45   Break
15:45-16:30   Scientific Session 3 “Advanced Imaging techniques”
    Moderator: Timothy Beale, London/UK
  15:45 Measurement of carotid artery calcifications in cone-beam computed tomography using different software programs
    Nagihan Koc, Ankara/TR
  15:52 Diagnostic value of cone-beam CT-scan in the assessment of otosclerosis
  15:59 Automatic detection of inflammatory maxillary sinus lesions on low-dose cone-beam CT using convolutional neural network
    Lun M. Wong, Hong Kong/HKG
  16:06 Photoacoustic imaging of the oral cavity
    Olivia Francies, London/UK
  16:13 High resolution dental MRI for endodontics – Establishment of normal T1/T2 relaxation values of dental pulp and optimized MRI protocols
  16:20 Endovascular Approach in Impending or Acute Carotid Blowout Syndrome in Head and Neck Malignancies
    Sedat Kandemirli, Iowa/US
16:30-16:40   Closing Ceremony
    Christian Czerny, Vienna/AT; Bert De Foer, Antwerp/BE; Soraya Robinson, Vienna/AT