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Room 1

08:30-09:40 Refresher Course: Spatial anatomy in H&N – How does it guide your differential diagnosis I

Moderator: G. Madani, London/UK

08:30 Oral cavity, floor of the mouth and submandibular space
D. Hadnadjev Simonji, Novi Sad/RS

08:50 Buccal, parotid and masticator space
S. Kösling, Halle/Saale/DE

09:10 Carotid and parapharyngeal space
Y. Pekçevik, Izmir/TR

09:30 Live Q&A


09:40-09:45 Break


09:45-10:55 Refresher Course: Spatial anatomy in H&N – How does it guide your differential diagnosis II

Moderator: B. Schuknecht, Maur/CH

09:45 Pharyngeal mucosal, retropharyngeal and danger space
A. Dobai, Budapest/HU

10:05 Visceral and pretracheal space
M. Lemmerling, Beervelde/BE

10:25 Perivertebral space and posterior cervical space
I. Hanso, Notodden/NO

10:45 Live Q&A


10:55-11:10 Break


11:10-11:25 Opening Session

Moderators: B. De Foer, Antwerp/BE; R. Saat, Tallinn/EE


11:25-11:30 Break


11:30-13:10 H&N emergencies

Moderator: B. Kovacsovics; Linköping/SE

11:30 Traumatic H&N emergencies
E. Loney, Shipley/UK

11:55 Non-traumatic H&N emergencies
D. Shatzkes, New York/US

12:20 Vascular emergencies in the H&N
D. Phillips, New York/US

12:40 Foreign bodies in the H&N
J. Hirvonen, Turku/FI

13:00 Live Q&A


13:10-13:40 Break


13:40-14:30 Short Oral Scientific Presentations 1: VARIA

Moderator: B. De Foer, Antwerp/BE

13:40 Guidelines for Magnetic Resonance Imaging in pediatric head and neck pathologies: A multicentre international consensus paper
F. D’Arco, London/UK

13:50 MRI in the evaluation of the Eustachian tube cartilage in chronic otitis media
U. Abdullaeva, Tashkent/ZU

14:00 MRI features of spontaneous lateral temporal bone cephaloceles
R. Srinivasan, London/UK

14:10 Long Term Follow-up of Incidental Thyroid Nodules on Computed Tomography Imaging
E. Lyuman, Glasgow/UK

14:20 Radiomics feature analysis for early HPV status determination in oropharyngeal cancer: An interim analysis
G. Carnicelli, Rozzano/IT


14:30-14:45 Break


14:45-15:55 Temporal bone

Moderator: B. Verbist, Leiden/NL

14:45 Imaging in Meniere’s disease – State of the art
A. Bernaerts, Bonheide/BE

15:05 Imaging vestibular schwannoma – Current state and future perspectives
A. Venkatasamy, Strasbourg/FR

15:25 Non-vestibular-schwannoma tumors of the temporal bone and CPA/IAM
S. Qureshi, London/UK

15:45 Live Q&A


15:55-16:10 Break


16:10-18:00 Thyroid, parathyroid and NET

Moderator: T. Beale, London/UK

16:10 A practical imaging approach to primary hyperparathyroidism
G. Madani, London/UK

16:30 Cross-sectional imaging of the parathyroid adenoma
S. Morley, Chelmsford/UK 

16:50 Contemporary imaging of H&N neuroendocrine tumors
D. Shatzkes, New York/US

17:10 CAD of thyroid nodules on ultrasound
A. McQueen, Newcastle Upon Tyne/UK

17:30 Follow up imaging of thyroid cancer
M. Ballard, Belbroughton/UK

17:50 Live Q&A


Room 1

08:30-09:40 Refresher Course: Larynx and hypopharynx

Moderator: E. Loney, Shipley/UK

08:30 Imaging anatomy of the larynx and hypopharynx
P. Rondi, Brescia/IT

08:50 SCC and other tumors of the larynx and hypopharynx
M. Becker, Geneva/CH

09:10 Laryngeal palsy – A practical imaging approach
R. Saat, Tallinn/EE

09:30 Live Q&A


09:40-09:45 Break


09:45-10:55 Orbit

Moderator: P. de Graaf, Amsterdam/NL

09:45 Optimize your imaging strategy and protocols for the best outcome
T. Ferreira, Leiden/NL

10:05 Current differential diagnostic challenges in the orbit and how to overcome them
B. Özgen Mocan, Chicago/US

10:25 Ultrasound-guided biopsy of orbital lesions
P. Touska, London/UK

10:45 Live Q&A


10:55-11:10 Break


11:10-12:20 Sinonasal and nasopharyngeal tumours

Moderator: H. Eggesbo, Oslo/NO

11:10 The new WHO classification of sinonasal tumours
S. Bisdas, Richmond/UK

11:30 Nasopharyngeal carcinoma: State of the art and future developments
A. King, Hong Kong/CN

11:50 Juvenile angiofibroma – A clinicians perspective
A. Haapaniemi, Helsinki/FI

12:10 Live Q&A


12:20-12:25 Break


12:25-13:25 Short Oral Scientific Presentations 2: H&N Cancer Imaging

Moderator: D. Farina, Brescia/IT

12:25 Radiologic pathologic correlation of depth of invasion (DOI) assessed on Computed Tomography in oral cancer
Z. Hussain, Karachi/PK

12:35 High-frequency intraoral ultrasound for the preoperative assessment of the depth of invasion (DOI) for early tongue squamous cell carcinoma
S. Caprioli, Genoa/IT

12:45 Predicting Response to Neoadjuvant Immunotherapy in Patients with Locally Advanced Head and Neck Carcinoma using Diffusion-Weighted Imaging Radiomics
H.J. van der Hulst, Amsterdam/NL

12:55 Volume changes on MR Imaging of retinoblastoma after intra-arterial chemotherapy treatment
C. de Bloeme, Amsterdam/NL

13:05 MR Imaging Characteristics of Uveal Melanoma with Histopathological Validation
T. Ferreira, Leiden/NL

13:15 MR Imaging Phenotype of MYCN-amplified RB1 wild-type Retinoblastoma
R. Jansen, Amsterdam/NL


13:25-13:55 Break


13:55-15:05 Meningeal disease (ESHNR-ESNR collaborative session)

Moderator: S. Bisdas, Richmond/UK

13:55 Meningioma in the skull base and beyond
B. Verbist, Leiden/NL

14:15 Meningoencephaloceles: CSF leak and other complications
J. Casselman, Bruges/BE

14:35 Infectious, inflammatory, (para)neoplastic meningeal diseases and their mimics
B. Schuknecht, Maur/CH

14:55 Live Q&A


15:05-15:10 Break


15:10-16:20 Junior Forum: Education and publishing in HN radiology

Moderator: M. Becker, Geneva/CH; J. Juurmaa, Tallinn/EE

15:10 Modern education in H&N radiology
A. Mancuso, Gainesville/US

15:30 Mentoring for the H&N radiologist: Early experiences of the ESHNR programme
S. Connor, London/UK

15:50 How to write a great paper and do a good AJNR review
D. Philips, New York/US

16:10 Live Q&A


16:20-16:35 Break


16:35-17:45 Paediatric H&N tumors

Moderator: A. Borges, Lisbon/PT

16:35 Congenital tumors of the H&N
F. D´Arco, London/UK

16:55 Orbital tumors in children
P. de Graaf, Amsterdam/NL

17:15 Paediatric H&N malignancies
M. De Win, Amsterdam/NL

17:35 Live Q&A


Room 1

08:30-09:40 Refresher Course: Dental imaging

Moderator: P. Vilborn, Tshwane/ZA

08:30 Normal radiographic anatomy of the teeth and jaws
N. Drage, Cardiff/UK

08:50 Panoramic radiographs – Technical aspects, interpretation, artifacts
I. Rozylo-Kalinowska, Lublin/PL

09:10 Odontogenic infections
M. Suuronen, Espoo/FI

09:30 Live Q&A


09:40-09:45 Break


09:45-11:15 Refresher Course: Cone beam computed tomography

Moderator: I. Rozylo-Kalinowska, Lublin/PL

09:45 CBCT: Technique, dose and artifacts
M. Kortesniemi, Helsinki/FI

10:05 CBCT: Basic principles and imaging guidelines
P. Vilborn, Tshwane/ZA

10:25 CBCT: Clinical aspects and applications in dento-maxillo-facial imaging
B. Szabó, Budapest/HU

10:45 CBCT and 3D modelling
K. Orhan, Ankara/TR

11:05 Live Q&A


11:15-11:30 Break


11:30-12:40 Oral and maxillofacial tumours

Moderator: M. Marinescu Gava, Helsinki/FI

11:30 Tumors of the jaw – How to tell the bad from the good and manage uncertainties?
A. Uys, Pretoria/ZA

11:50 Pre-treatment imaging of oral cancer – The beneficial cooperation between the H&N and oral radiologists
E. Klintström, B. Kovacsovics; Linköping/SE

12:10 Post-treatment changes and complications of oromaxillofacial tumours
L. van Rensburg, Cape town/ZA

12:30 Live Q&A


12:40-12:45 Break


12:45-13:45 Short Oral Scientific Presentations 3: DMF imaging and H&N infections

Moderator: K. Orhan, Ankara/TR

12:45 AI-Based Automatic Segmentation of Craniomaxillofacial Anatomy from CBCT Scans for Automatic Detection of Pharyngeal Airway Evaluations in OSA patients
K. Orhan, Ankara/TR

12:55 Evaluation of dental pathologies and their complications encountered during the routine head and neck CT examination
N. Slavkova, Sofia/BG

13:05 Is gadolinium needed for MRI diagnosis of tonsillar infections?
J. Hirvonen, Tampere/FI

13:15 MRI of odontogenic neck infections: Diagnostic accuracy and reliability
J. Heikkinen, Turku/FI

13:25 Diagnostic accuracy of CT in neck infections: A systematic review and meta-analysis of positive predictive value
J. Hirvonen, Tampere/FI

13:35 Endodontic working length measurements of premolars and molars in high resolution dental MRI: A clinical pilot study for assessment of reliability and accuracy
T. Hilgenfeld, Heidelberg/DE


13:45-14:15 Break


14:15-15:45 Refresher Course: Salivary glands

Moderator: L. Flygare, Umea/SE

14:15 Salivary gland disease – The clinician’s perspective
K. Aro, Helsinki/FI

14:35 Imaging of non-neoplastic salivary gland diseases
K. Nyman, Helsinki/FI

14:55 Imaging of salivary gland tumours
B. Purohit, Singapore/SG

15:15 Salivary gland biopsy – FNA vsersus core biopsy
D. Howlett, Brighton/UK

15:35 Live Q&A


15:45-16:00 Break


16:00-17:25 Temporomandibular joint + Closing

Moderator: S. Robinson, Vienna/AT

16:00 Normal and variant anatomy, function and disc displacements
U. Schwarz-Nemec, Vienna/AT

16:20 Pediatric TMJ
G. Greenberg, Petah Tikva/IL

16:40 Non-discogenic pathologies in adult TMJ
L. Flygare, Umea/SE

17:00 Live Q&A

17:10 Closing
B. De Foer, Antwerp/BE; R. Saat, Tallinn/EE; E. Vassallo, Imsida/MT