The ESHNR 2023 preliminary programme is subject to modifications.
All timings refer to CEST – Central European Summer Time.


Room 1

08:30-09:00 Opening Ceremony
   Moderators: M. D’Anastasi, Msida/MT; B. De Foer, Antwerp/BE; E. Vassallo, Msida/MT


09:00-10:30 Oropharynx (ESHNR-ASHNR Joint Session)
  Moderators: K. Mosier, Indianapolis/US, S. Robinson, Vienna/AT

09:00 Staging of oropharyngeal malignancy. An update from the 5th edition of the WHO classification. What’s new?
    R. Maroldi, Brescia/IT
09:30 Post-treatment imaging in oropharyngeal tumours: Pearls and pitfalls
    H. Stambuk, New York/US
10:00 Case presentations
    G. Potter, Manchester/UK
10:10 Case presentations
    D. Hadnadjev Simonji, Novi Sad/RS
10:20 Panel discussion
    D. Hadnadjev Simonji, Novi Sad/RS, R. Maroldi, Brescia/IT, G. Potter, Manchester/UK, H. Stambuk, New York/US, 


10:30-11:00 Coffee Break


11:00-12:30 Temporal Bone
    Moderator: L. Oleaga, Barcelona/ES

11:00 Approach to Vertigo
    B. Kovacsovics, Linköping/SE
11:30 A systematic review in pulsatile tinnitus? Or how I approach pulsatile tinnitus?
    B. Verbist, Leiden/NL
12:00 Approach to Tumours including rare middle ear tumors and bone lesions
    B. De Foer, Antwerp/BE


12:30-13:30 Lunch Break


13:30-15:00 Imaging for pre- and post-op endoscopic skull base surgery (ESHNR-ASHNR Joint Session)
    Moderators: B. De Foer, Antwerp/BE, C. Glastonbury, San Francisco/US

13:30 Preoperative imaging assessment for skull base surgery
    A. Borges, Lisbon/PT
14:00 Expected post-operative findings in the skull base – What not to miss
    C. Branstetter, Pittsburgh/US
14:30 Case presentations
    P. Touska, London/UK
14:40 Case presentations
    A. Péporté, Rorschach/CH
14:50 Panel discussion
    A. Borges, Lisbon/PT, C. Branstetter, Pittsburgh/US, A. Péporté, Rorschach/CH, P. Touska, London/UK


15:00-15:30 Coffee Break


15:30-17:30 Update on Head and Neck Radiology Training – Around the World
    Moderator: S. Robinson, Vienna/AT

15:30 UK view
    R.K. Lingam, London/UK
15:42 Model in USA
    C. Glastonbury, San Francisco/US
15:54 African way
    A.S. Nour, Addis Ababa/ET
16:06 Australian perspective
    J. Gillespie, Bardon/AU
16:18 Building bridges to ESHNR
    L.J. van Rensburg, Cape Town/ZA
European undergraduate radiology training – Geneva example
    M. Becker, Geneva/CH
My ESOR fellowship
    A. Napolitano, Bergamo/IT
Mentee experience
    H. Sükösd, Budapest/HU
17:06 Round table Q&A: To make the next generation fit for h&n radiology
    M. Becker, Geneva/CH; B. De Foer, Antwerp/BE; J. Gillespie, Bardon/AU; C. Glastonbury, San Francisco/US;
    R.K. Lingam, London/UK; A. Napolitano, Bergamo/IT; A.S. Nour, Addis Ababa/ET; S. Qureshi, Abu Dhabi/AE; H. Sükösd, Budapest/HU;
    L.J. van Rensburg, Cape Town/ZA


17:30-17:45 Award for the 2022 best published scientific paper
    B. De Foer, Antwerp/BE, E. Vassallo, Msida/MT

Room 2

09:00-10:30 Radiomics and AI in head and neck imaging
    Moderator: J. Hirvonen, Turku/FI

09:00 AI fundamentals: Hand-crafted radiomics and deep learning
    L. Ugga, Naples/IT
09:20 Quality control and critical issues in radiomics research and software
    R. Cuocolo, Salerno/IT
09:40 Applications of AI in head and neck cancer: Diagnostic imaging
    S. Bisdas, Richmond/UK
10:00 Applications of AI in head and neck cancer: Radiation oncology
    L.V. van Dijk, Groningen/NL
10:20 Q&A


10:30-11:00 Coffee Break


11:00-12:30 Refresher Course 1: Skull base
    Moderator: A. Lo Casto, Palermo/IT

11:00 Imaging anatomy of the skull base
    G. Potter, Manchester/UK
11:30 Imaging of sella and sphenoid pathology
    B. Schuknecht, Maur/CH
12:00 Imaging of the jugular foramen and craniocervical junction
    S. Connor, London/UK


12:30-13:30 Lunch Break


13:30-15:00 Scientific Oral Presentation Session 1: Ear imaging
    Moderators: R.K. Lingam, London/UK, S. Petrovic, Nis/RS

13:30 Visualization and Clinical Relevance of the Endolymphatic Duct and Sac in Ménière’s Disease
13:37 A “head to head” comparison of delayed post gadolinium MRI descriptors for the diagnosis of Meniere’s Disease and the added diagnostic value of vestibular aqueduct signal discontinuity
13:44 Is cochlear canal measurement with MR imaging reproducible for Incomplete Partition?
13:51 MRI for the pre-operative prediction cochlear implant insertion depth on post-operative CBCT
13:58 Imaging vestibular implants
14:05 The Value of 3D FLAIR MRI in idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss
14:12 MRI-based radiomics features of large endolymphatic sac anomaly with audiological correlation
14:19 Which internal auditory meatus vascular loops are associated with pulsatile tinnitus?
14:26 The spectrum of cochlear malformations in CHARGE syndrome and insights into the role of the CHD7 gene during embryogenesis of the inner ear
14:33 Prediction of difficult round window visibility during cochlear implant surgery in matured temporal bones with pre operative CT scan: A retrospective study with radiological-surgical correlation
14:40 Otosclerosis under MicroCT: New Insights into the Disease and its Anatomy
14:47 Flat Panel Computed Tomography before functional ear surgery: Is worth it?
14:54 Discussion


15:00-15:30 Coffee Break


15:30-17:30 Neck intervention
    Moderator: T. Beale, London/UK

15:30 Neck FNA/Biopsies
    S. Morley, Chelmsford/UK
16:00 Thyroid RFA
16:30 Salivary Gland
    N. O’ Neill, London/UK
17:00 Vascular/tumour embolization
    R. Grech, Msida/MT


Room 1

08:00-08:30 ESHNR General Assembly


08:30-10:30 Vascular/Congenital lesions neck (ESHNR-ASHNR Joint Session)
    Moderators: D. Farina, Brescia/IT, A. Srinivasan, Ann Arbor/US

08:30 Up to date classification of vascular lesions of the neck
    D. Shatzkes, New York/US
09:05 Paediatric vascular lesions and mimics
    A. Siddiqui, Kings Hill/UK
09:35 Case presentations
    Y. Pekcevik, Izmir/TR
09:50 Case presentations
    J. Hirvonen, Turku/FI
10:05 Paediatric case presentations
    F. D’Arco, London/UK    
10:20 Panel discussion
    F. D’Arco, London/UK, J. Hirvonen, Turku/FI, Y. Pekcevik, Izmir/TR, D. Shatzkes, New York/US, A. Siddiqui, Kings Hill/UK


10:30-11:00 Coffee Break


11:00-12:30 Sinonasal
    Moderator: S. Connor, London/UK

11:00 Inflammatory and infectious pathology
    S. Robinson, Vienna/AT
11:30 Case based review of sinonasal tumours
    L.J. van Rensburg, Cape Town/ZA
12:00 New 5th WHO classification and how to assess orbital, intracranial and perineural Involvement
    A. Venkatasamy, Strasbourg/FR


12:30-13:30 Lunch Break


13:30-15:00 Orbit
    Moderators: S. Kösling, Halle/DE, B. Schuknecht, Maur/CH

13:30 Imaging anatomy of the orbit
    D. Phillips, New York/US
13:50 Paediatric orbit
    K. Mankad, London/UK
14:10 Orbital tumours
    P. de Graaf, Amsterdam/NL
14:30 Infectious/granulomatous diseases of the orbit
    S. van Cauter, Holsbeek/BE
14:50 Panel Discussion


15:00-15:30 Coffee Break


15:30-17:30 How to tackle head and neck cancer reporting – A multidisciplinary approach
    Moderator: M. Mack, Munich/DE

15:30 How to write a structured staging report for head and neck cancer 
    S. Arya, Mumbai/IN
15:54 Cervical lymphadenopathy – Cased base review
    J. Goh, Singapore/SG
16:18 Oncologist perspective
    N. Refalo, Msida/MT
16:42 Histopathological: P16/molecular testing update
    A. Betts, Msida/MT
17:06 Key differences of imaging features of HPV positive and HPV negative SCCs
    M. Becker, Geneva/CH

Room 2

08:30-10:30 Larynx and hypopharynx
    Moderator: D. Summers, Edinburgh/UK

08:30 Rad-Anatomy/Pathology (pearls and pitfalls)
    G. Madani, London/UK
09:00 MRI vs. CT of Larynx
    M. Ravanelli, Brescia/IT
09:30 Surgical Management of Laryngeal Malignancy
    A. Bertolin, Vittorio Veneto/IT
10:00 Post Treatment Larynx/Hypopharynx Imaging
    R. Hermans, Leuven/BE


10:30-11:00 Coffee Break


11:00-12:30 Scientific Oral Presentation Session 2: Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging
    Moderators: H. Kelly, Boston/US, A.S. Nour, Addis Ababa/ET

11:00 Ultrasound-guided Radiofrequency ablation of Parotid Warthin’s tumour – Safety and Feasibility Study
11:06 Magnetic resonance imaging vs. cone beam CT in severe periodontitis: Bone marrow edema as Magnetic resonance imaging based biomarker of disease activity in severe periodontitis
11:12 Ethanol Ablation of Ranulas: Long-Term Follow-Up Results and Risk Factor Analysis for Recurrence and Need for Surgery After Treatment
11:18 Cranial nerves imaging using an optimized 3D-Neurography sequence performed on a 1.5T scanner
11:24 Pushing the boundaries of MR imaging in endodontics: An ex-vivo study comparing endodontic measurements on CBCT vs. high-resolution dental MRI using an inductively coupled intraoral coil
11:30 Prediction of age older than 18 years in sub-adults by MRI-segmentation of 1st, 2nd and 3rd molars
11:36 Radiologic Findings in Ocular Perforating Injuries
11:42 Obstructive salivary gland interventional radiology – how to succeed and pearls pitfalls
11:48 Ultra-High Resolution CT of the head and neck with deep learning reconstruction – Assessment of image quality and radiation exposure and intraindividual comparison with normal-resolution-CT
11:54 Prognostic value of MRI-measured pre-treatment distance from the midline of squamous cell carcinoma of the oral tongue operated with compartmental surgery
12:00 Benign lymphoepithelial cysts (BLECs) in HIV-infected patients
12:06 Correlation of sonographic and histopathological findings in indeterminate thyroid nodules: A multicentre study
12:12 Image findings of ANCA-associated vasculitis involving Skull base
12:18 Accuracy of dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) MRI generated Time- signal intensity curves in diagnosis and differentiation of salivary neoplasms
12:24 Two or more different lesions found in the head and neck


12:30-13:30 Lunch Break


13:30-15:00 Emergency Session
    Moderator: R. Saat, Tallinn/EE

13:30 Deep neck space anatomy review
    G. Greenberg, Petah Tikva/IL
13:50 Case based review of H&N infections (incl. COVID)
    B. Özgen Mocan, Chicago/US
14:10 Facial/orbital/skull base trauma
    E. Loney, Shipley/UK
14:30 Vascular H&N Trauma
    M. Nyman, Turku/FI


15:00-15:30 Coffee Break


15:30-17:30 Cranial Nerve Review – Anatomy and Pathology
    Moderator: E. Loney, Shipley/UK

15:30 Cranial Nerves I-VI
    H.B. Eggesbo, Oslo/NO
16:00 Cranial Nerves VII-VIII
    T. Nunes, Lisbon/PT
16:30 Cranial Nerves IX-XII
    T. Beale, London/UK
17:00 Q&A


Room 1

08:30-10:30 Refresher Course 2: Head & Neck Cancer
    Moderator: C.Z. Karaman, Aydin/TR

08:30 Nasopharyngeal cancer staging
    A. King, Hong Kong/HK
09:00 Patterns of spread in oral and oropharyngeal cancer
    D. Farina, Brescia/IT
09:30 Imaging in patients with suspected head and neck cancer of unknown origin
    M. De Win, Amsterdam/NL
10:00 Normal post treatment imaging appearances and how to detect recurrent tumour
    J. Gillespie, Bardon/AU


10:30-11:00 Coffee Break


11:00-12:30 Dental/Maxillofacial
    Moderator: L.J. van Rensburg, Cape Town/ZA

11:00 How I assess the OPG?
    M. Suuronen, Espoo/FI
11:20 Cystic lesions of the mandible and maxilla. A systematic approach
    C. Greenall, Cardiff/UK
11:40 Incidental findings in the jaw on CT – What should we know about teeth?
    C. Czerny, Vienna/AT
12:00 Imaging of TMJ
    I. Sepulveda, Concepción/CL

12:30-12:45 Scientific Paper & Poster Awards
     B. De Foer, Antwerp/BE, E. Vassallo, Msida/MT

12:45-13:45 Lunch Break


13:45-15:15 Refresher Course 3: Thyroid/Parathyroid
    Moderator: S. Qureshi, Abu Dhabi/AE

13:45 Multimodality imaging of parathyroid adenomas
    Ana Germano, Barcarena/PT
14:15 How I image the thyroid nodule
    S. La’Porte, Buckingham/UK
14:45 Imaging for the staging and management of thyroid cancer
    E. Vassallo, Msida/MT


15:15-15:30 Closing Session 
   B. De Foer, Antwerp/BE, E. Vassallo, Msida/MT

Room 2

08:30-10:30 Scientific Oral Presentation Session 3: Oncology
    Moderators: P. Mundada, Singapore/SG, R. Vaidhyanath, Leicester/UK

08:30 Correlation of Gene Expression with Magnetic Resonance Imaging Features of Retinoblastoma: A Multi-Center Radiogenomics Validation Study
08:40 The impact of interactive radiologist peer-review on MRI-based radiotherapy target volume delineation in head and neck cancer
08:50 Cartilage invasion in squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx: CT and MR assessment
09:00 Magnetic Resonance Imaging in naso-oropharyngeal carcinoma: Role of texture analysis in the assessment of response to radiochemotherapy
09:10 Feasibility of PET Radiomics Features for Prediction of Bone Invasion in Patients with Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
09:20 Diagnostic accuracy of MRI in detecting perineural spread of head and neck tumors: A systematic review
09:30 Can Intraoral Ultrasound Predict Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Histological Risk Factors? A preliminary experience
09:40 The effect of MRI-based radiomics in discriminating pediatric head and neck rhabdomyosarcoma and lymphoma
09:50 High-spatial-resolution MRI-detected optic nerve thickening forecasts early-stage postlaminar optic nerve invasion in retinoblastoma
10:00 Impact of gadopiclenol on decision making in patients with brain metastases: A post-hoc study
10:10 Comparison of PET-CT and DW-MRI for detecting residual tumor in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma patients after definitive (chemo)radiotherapy: A prospective study
10:20 Association of depth of Invasion (DOI) with lymph node metastases in oral cancers


10:30-11:00 Coffee Break


11:00-12:30 Nerve pathways: Best imaging techniques according to pathology
    Moderator: L. Preda, Pavia/IT

11:00 Brachial Plexus
    M. Mack, Munich/DE
11:20 Trigeminal neuralgia
    C. Glastonbury, San Francisco/US
11:40 Facial nerve palsy
    H. Kelly, Boston/US
12:00 Vocal cord paralysis
    R. Saat, Tallinn/EE