October 2022

ESHNR 2022 – 34th Annual Meeting and Refresher Course
October 06-08 | ONLINE

We wish to announce that the ESHNR 2022 Annual meeting and Refresher Course will now be held online. This decision was taken by the ESHNR Executive committee following careful consideration of all the options. The committee listened to the concerns raised about the continued impact of the Covid pandemic, the geopolitical situation, travel difficulties and the economic situation in many countries. Although everyone was really looking forward to meeting up again Tallinn, the risks to the Society and our membership were felt to be too great. Work has already commenced on adapting the existing programme to an exciting new on-line format. The dates of the meeting will remain unchanged and it will take place from October 6-8.

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December 2022

Masterclass in H&N radiology 2022
Soft Tissue Neck/Upper Aerodigestive Tract
December 08-10, 2022 | ONLINE

The programme will include short lectures highlighting recent developments, imaging techniques, relevant anatomy and pathology, followed by case-based discussion in small-group workshops giving you the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback. Aimed at Radiologists with an interest in, and experience of, head and neck radiology, this course will help all those who wish to brush-up on their anatomy, learn about latest developments and add value and structure to their imaging reports.

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June 2023

Advanced Course Head and Neck Oncology:
the multidisciplinary approach
June 15-17, 2023 | ONSITE

Since more than 30 years, treatment of head and neck cancer has been centralized in The Netherlands. Each patient is discussed in and treated by a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals, all highly trained in head and neck oncology according to international guidelines. Clinical outcome of head and neck cancer patients in The Netherlands is one of the best in the world.

In this three days course we aim to share with you our more than 30 years of experience of a MultiDisciplinary Team (MDT) approach using up-to-date diagnostic and treatment regimens, like proton therapy, immunotherapy and robot surgery. We will focus on complicated patients and complex tumors, for which personalized treatment/tailored treatment is necessary.

This advanced course is meant for medical professionals with basic experience in head and neck oncology who want to incorporate multidisciplinary decision making and up-to-date diagnostics and therapy into daily patient care. Besides plenary and parallel sessions, multidisciplinary tumor board simulations will be performed, discussing straightforward and also difficult cases.

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