Become a mentor

Interested in becoming a mentor?

Questions to answer before becoming a mentor:
– What is your motivation to become a mentor?
– What are your principal professional and personal accomplishments?
– What skills can you offer to potential mentees?
– Do you have time to be a good mentor?


Essential requirements:
– At least 5 years independent practice as a head and neck radiologist


Desirable requirements:
– Experience in one or more of:
    – Research administration and statistics
    – Course/congress organization
    – Paper reviewing
    – Education
    – Mentoring


Qualities of a good mentor:
– Professional and life experience to act as role-model
– Ability to provide perspective in guiding a mentee
– High self-awareness
– Alertness to identify professional opportunities
– Interest to teach and guide
– Willingness to communicate in a timely, structured, and confidential way
– Acknowledge the mentee’s input
– Provide critical, constructive feedback in a respectful manner
– Challenge the mentee when she/he should rethink certain issues or relationships
– Be open when mentees address unmet needs


Steps to maintaining a successful mentor-mentee-relationship:
– Establish specific goals
– Set rules for accountability, confidentiality, and boundaries
– Create a workplan with timelines for short- and long-term goals
– Agree on regular virtual meetings to assess progress and provide feedback
– Be open to criticism, be respectful and listen attentively to each other
– Regularly reflect on the relationship with regard to what is working and what is not working, and which issues still have to be faced
– Seek to meet personally at ECR and ESHNR meetings, maybe also with other mentors and mentees to share ideas


Please download the form, open it with Acrobat Reader and then fill it completely (including signature). Please email the form to ESHNR Office ( with the subject “Mentor application”.