Case Webinars

ESHNR is delighted to announce an introduction of a series of case webinars in 2023 free of charge for ESHNR members.

Our international community is kindly encouraged to submit instructive cases, which will then be uploaded as de-identified pseudonymized data to an electronic platform as required by GDPR. They will be accessible to participants three days beforehand so they can study the DICOM images themselves.

During the event, renowned teachers will analyze the cases, discuss differential diagnostic entities and interact with participants live. The aim is to practice systematic approaches for reporting, highlight suspicious hallmarks, grow expertise, discuss typical pathways for diagnostic workup and enable close collaboration between tutors and delegates.

The learning objectives are aligned to the Head and Neck Chapters of the European Training Curriculum for Radiology.

Each webinar will last about 1 hour. Send us your most illuminating, pathognomonic or trickiest cases, share them with your colleagues and get a certificate for submission.

The author of the best submission will receive a complimentary ticket to the ESHNR 2024 Malmö Gala Dinner. We will announce the winner of the 2024 Gala Dinner ticket at the end of our last webinar in June 2024.

Case Submission

Please follow the steps below to submit your case(s):

  1. Please sign-up with CMR and create an account by clicking HERE
  2. After approval, you will receive an email by CMR with further information and details
  3. The power point template for clinical information and diagnosis and DICOM file upload instructions are available online in the CMR/ESHNR case webinar group
  4. Please upload your case(s) by the relevant submission deadline
  5. Please send your power point template to the email address
  6. One week prior the live webinar, you will be informed if your case has been chosen to be discussed during the live webinar
  7. Register for the live webinar by clicking on the link below
    (ESHNR case webinar attendance is open to active members in good standing only).

Deadline for case submission for the October webinar is September 26, 2023.

Tuesday, October 17, 18:00 CEST
Moderator: Julia Frühwald-Pallamar, Vienna/AT
Expert reviewers: Pravin Mundada, Singapore/SG & Yeliz Pekçevik, Izmir/TR

Tuesday, November 14, 18:00 CET
Moderator: Laura Oleaga, Barcelona/ES
Expert reviewers: Robert Hermans, Leuven/BE & Lorenzo Preda Pavia/IT

ESHNR Past Case Webinars

September 12, 2023
Case Webinar – September: Jussi Hirvonen, Turku/FI & Bela Purohit, Singapore/SG
Alessandro Di Paola- right cervical Schwannoma
Elena Marchese – laryngeal carcinoma
Mariano Iannelli – ITAC
Elena Marchese – mucoepidermoid carcinoma of small salivary glands

June 20, 2023
Case Webinar – June: Ursula Schwarz-Nemec, Vienna/AT & Felice D‘Arco, London/UK
Umida Abdullaeva – Mandibular lymphoma and subsequent radioosteonecrosis
Alessandro di Paola – Post transplant lymphoproliferative parotid disorder
Mariano Iannelli – Labyrinthitis ossificans
Elena Marchese – NUT midline ca

May 16, 2023
Case Webinar – May: Davide Farina, Brescia/IT & Nikoleta Traikova, Plovdiv/BG
Subarekha Balasubramanian – Right facial and orbital swelling due to huge hemangioma
Mariano Iannelli – Amyloidoma of the tongue
Mariano Iannelli – Bilateral paraganglioma
Mariano Iannelli – ITAC

April 18, 2023
Case Webinar – April: Christian Habermann, Hamburg/DE & Gerlig Widmann, Innsbruck/AT
Nick Janssen – Orbital rhabdomyosarcoma
Nick Janssen – Orbital and temporal histiocytosis X
Emese Krystof – Cavernous sinus hemangioma
Alaa Saleh – Bilateral cystadenolymphoma

March 14, 2023
Case Webinar – March: Berit Verbist, Leiden/NL & Timothy Beale, London/UK
Tuba Akdag – Solitary fibrous Tumour
Mariano Iannelli – Aggressive papillary thyroid Ca
Mariano Iannelli – Conjunctival Ca
Mariano Iannelli – Liposarcoma

February 14, 2023
Case Webinar – February: Stephen Connor, London/UK & Salman Qureshi, Abu Dhabi/AE
Mariano Iannelli – Mandibular angiosarcoma
Mariano Iannelli – SNUC recurrence
Frank Pameijer – Laryngeal cancer
Michele Pietragalla – Extramedullary plasmocytoma

January 17, 2023
Case Webinar – January: Roberto Maroldi, Brescia/IT & Ata Siddiqui, Kings Hill/UK
Umida Abdullaeva – Cholesteatoma, abscess, sinus thrombosis

Üzeyir Ahmadli – Olfactory neuroblastoma
Hunor Sükösd – Epiphar.& epiglottic cysts, Whartin
Beata Zoltai – Schwannomatosis