ESR eBook

ESR eBook for Undergraduate Education in Radiology: Chapter on Head and Neck Imaging

Below is the a chapter on head and neck imaging from the ESR eBook for Undergraduate Education in Radiology. This eBook has been created in order to serve medical students and academic teachers throughout Europe to understand and teach radiology as a whole coherent discipline, respectively. Its contents are based on the Undergraduate Level of the ESR European Training Curriculum for Radiology and summarize the so-called core elements that may be considered as the basics that every medical student should be familiar with. Although specific radiologic diagnostic skills for image interpretation cannot be acquired by all students and rather belong to the learning objectives of the Postgraduate Levels of the ESR Training Curricula, the present eBook also contains some further insights related to modern imaging in the form of examples of key pathologies, as seen by the different imaging modalities. These are intended to give the interested undergraduate student an understanding of modern radiology, reflecting its multidisciplinary character as an organ-based specialty.